M. Aaron KarimzadehMD
Aaron was a pioneer in the design of microprocessor based systems such as personal computers. Over the years he has been involved in many enterprise wide projects – including communications, payment systems, smart card systems and customer support.
Michael KarimzadehCo-Founder
Michael Karimzadeh studied at Cooper Union and CUNY and has been working in IT for 10 years. His expertise spans the Microsoft/PC world, the Apple/iOS world as well as web/ internet and mobile communications.  He is also conversant in a number of programming languages and has developed many complex applications both for business and social market verticals.
M. David KarimzadehCo-Founder
David Karimzadeh studied at NYIT and CUNY. He has  a vast  knowledge in mobile  technology, specializing in smartphones and their enterprise implementations. In addition to providing Microsoft and Apple operating systems and services, David specializes in graphic design and web development.