Our clients’ long-term sustainable development and growth is our top priority. Therefore we provide our clients, wherever they are in the world, with high quality services in audit, financial services, tax or legal counsel, to help them make the right business decisions, always in compliance with regulations and norms. Our international organisation leverages the skills of 40,000 professionals serving clients around the globe: 24,000 professionals across 89 countries in Mazars’ unique integrated partnership, and 16,000 professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

Customers need high quality, quick support so they can get back to work. Working personally with customers increases productivity and is a key component boosting Cetrom’s customer satisfaction rates.

Personalized attention goes a long way in the customer service department,” Stark says. “When your customers phone in, frustrated with a technical problem they are having, all they really want is to know 2 things: that you care and you can solve the issue.”