MiKopia offers the following software applications:

  • ESC – Electronic Stock Control – This is a business application software and provides for management and control of stock – including goods sent out on memo.
  • MiKatalog iPad Electronic Catalog application – Provides remote mobile connectivity to the host server. Ability to keep data on the iPad in sync with the host data. Full management control of data. Orders can be taken instantly, recorded on the iPad and sent to the central database for fulfillment.  
  • EVS – Electronic Voting System – EVS is the ideal voting application for non-profit organizations that require independent and verifiable electronic voting system. This is a flexible system and can be expanded to cater for various numbers of voters.

MiKopia offers a number of complete packages for vertical markets. These packages include all the necessary hardware and software and are designed to provide our clients with end to end solutions with much reduced implementation times:

  • Real Estate Sales Offices
  • Jewelry, Gemstone and Diamond Showrooms and Offices