We provide consulting and planning services to from-the-ground-up IT projects that require provisioning and acquisition of a technological infrastructure, from wiring and low-level construction to hardware and service design.
Make your space a success from the start.
If you are building a new office or even an entire building, MiKopia can lend indispensable knowledge and insight to the process.
We’ve gathered much experience over the years in regards to planning, provisioning, and “future-proofing” IT infrastructure, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty with on-site and pre-construction work.
We’ll assist you with:
• Technical Floor plans
• Ethernet provisioning
• Server Room & Termination Point Planning
• CCTV Wiring & Deployment
• Wireless Access Points
• Telco Termination Points
• Efficient wire runs
• Audio Cable Runs
• Media Room Design
• Re-runs and “Corrections”
• Future-proofing and Risk Management