Data Recovery

Data is the key in today’s businesses. Loss of any data will cripple the operations of the organizations. MiKopia can provide special back-up facilities for both in-house and on-the-cloud back up. MiKopia also provides specialist data recovery services from failed hard disks.

Virus Protection

The open networks and access to the internet must be managed to avoid infection of computer systems with viruses. MiKopia provides a unique service in detecting, quarantining and removing viruses. In addition, MiKopia installs latest virus protection software to avoid future infections.

Workstation/PC and Server Support

MiKopia provides its clients with both proactive and reactive services in order to deliver the best Workstation/PC Support in the greater New York City area. In our designs and implementations, we strive to ensure our customers don’t experience downtime in the first place.

Our team of experienced engineers provides its clients with comprehensive solutions for managing each individual PC in their offices, remote PCs and all laptops on the road/out of the office, as well as the Network that links all PCs together. Our support team makes sure that all PCs and workstations work correctly, efficiently and protected from viruses. This type of protection must be reviewed regularly to ensure sound protection against new and more complex viruses.

At MiKopia we understand that Servers are the backbone to any business and their productivity. Our experienced team of Managed Services and Network engineers is committed to ensure that servers are running at all times. The Server Support software can monitor each server and is able to send messages to engineers when there is a problem, allowing a fix before anything happens.


In today’s business environment, access to both internal and external Networks is a must and it is critical for the Networks to run at all times. MiKopia Network Support Services provide an uncompromised level of client service, making sure all Networks always work. Provision of backup networks will ensure 100% availability of network access for customers.

Remote network support is available by the experienced team of engineers who are ready to meet all of the clients’ Network Support needs, from consultancy and design to Network server upgrades.

Application Software

In addition to the above, MiKopia can provide support for a number of business and productivity software applications. MiKopia is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and has access to the latest fixes and new applications.

We also provide the following services:

Data Backup – Backup Servers & Workstations securely offsite

Content Filtering – Prevent/Restrict access to certain websites

Software Management – Microsoft Office, Graphic Design Software, Windows & Mac OS X, QuickBooks, Industry-specific software

Hardware Management – Routers & Switches, Desktops & Servers, Server builds and maintenance

File Sharing – Inter-office File Storage & Sharing, Synching with backup/cloud services

Printers & Scanners – Printer & Scanner Deployment, Automatic Installations for users via Group Policy

VPN & Remote Access – Allow secure remote access

Email Configuration – Set up Exchange Servers, Migrate to a cloud email provider, Google Apps, Office 365, Integration with MS Outlook, mobile configuration

Wireless Networks (WiFi) – Set up high quality office wireless networks, Create mesh networks that cover large areas, Integrate a ubiquitous WiFi network across several offices

Network Configuration – Advanced Router Configuration

Consulting & Support – Contact us directly any time with any tech-related question. Extend technical support to your staff and any member of your organization.

Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus – Enterprise-grade anti-malware solutions

Firewall – Ensure you are protected from malicious internet traffic and hack attempts.

VoIP – Cloud Telephony Solutions